The DAILY GRAND is an exclusive daily drawing for SFI affiliates. Each day, 1275 lucky affiliates win a share of 28,000 Rewardical Tokens (RT) that can be exchanged for a variety of cool products and other great goodies (including Bitcoin!). Each month, SFI awards more than 850,000 RT, and more than 10 MILLION RT annually! No purchase necessary to win.

Every SFI affiliate is eligible for these 10 daily entries:

  1. Up to six entries for unlocking up to six Building Blocks daily.
  2. Two bonus entries for being Booster Club Qualified.
  3. Two bonus entries for winning your class' E365 championship*.

To enter the drawing each day, simply unlock the six Building Blocks on your SFI homepage. For each Block you unlock, you’ll collect one free entry in the Daily Grand.

PLUS...With every 10 Rewardicals won by your PSAs, YOU will win one matching Rewardical! To maximize your RT Matches, encourage your PSAs and CSAs to enter the Daily Grand every day (with the maximum number of entries possible). Important! To earn Matches on PSAs, you must be minimum Level 7, your PSAs minimum Level 5. To earn Matches on CSAs, you must be minimum Level 9, your CSAs minimum Level 5. NOTE: Match tokens are paid to you on the first day of every month (e.g. match tokens won in November will be deposited into your Rewardicals account on December 1st).


  • Maximum of one prize per day per affiliate
  • Maximum of 10 prizes per month per affiliate or 30 prizes per month with BCQ status

*IMPORTANT! Effective September 1, 2021, all participants in a current E365 contest will receive two bonus entries in the Daily Grand until their one year in SFI is up and their E365 contest has ended (minimum L10 status required). Participants can keep these two bonus daily entries indefinitely by winning their class's E365 Championship.


Ildikó M. 500 RTs
Constant W. 500 RTs
Toyin A. 500 RTs
Kalana A. 500 RTs
Anuwat S. 500 RTs
Donald M. 500 RTs
Erzsèbet K. 500 RTs
Favour A. 500 RTs
J P L. 500 RTs
Joy G. 50 RTs
Issifou W. 50 RTs
Sanjeev S. 50 RTs
Eneji moses O. 50 RTs
Dhirendra C. 50 RTs
Ana B. 50 RTs
Kathryn W. 50 RTs
Asra H. 50 RTs
David M. 50 RTs
Afsheen K. 50 RTs
Sukumar R. 50 RTs
Hiya G. 50 RTs
leow k. 50 RTs
Tiya G. 50 RTs
Victoria S. 50 RTs
Haris M. 50 RTs
Aboobacker C. 50 RTs
Violent R. 50 RTs
Sekou H. 50 RTs
Daniel N. 50 RTs
Hamza Z. 50 RTs
Jane E. 50 RTs
Janice S. 50 RTs
Sheldon P. 50 RTs
Stewart H. 50 RTs
Nisar A. 50 RTs
John A. 50 RTs
Julien S. 50 RTs
James K. 50 RTs
ugorji c. 50 RTs
Badordeen A. 50 RTs
Akila A. 50 RTs
Bamidele S. 50 RTs
Shouvik M. 50 RTs
Margit G. 50 RTs
Asmat A. 50 RTs
Maria P. 50 RTs
Ngong B. 50 RTs
Bongiwe M. 50 RTs
Mohamed A. 50 RTs
Tanja B. 50 RTs
Stephen S. 50 RTs
Davis S. 50 RTs
Muhammad J. 50 RTs
Jean-claude J. 50 RTs
Imad H. 50 RTs
Iren Anna L. 50 RTs
Jelena M. 50 RTs
Issam E. 50 RTs
ljiljana s. 50 RTs
Mohamed A. 50 RTs
Marija L. 50 RTs
Нина И. 50 RTs
Eric A. 50 RTs
Timothy A. 50 RTs
Biljana C. 50 RTs
Gerald B. 50 RTs
Eva G. 50 RTs
Eszter D. 50 RTs
Anica T. 50 RTs
Marco B. 50 RTs
Simon Q. 50 RTs
Holly C. 50 RTs
Tonima K. 50 RTs
Yubraj S. 50 RTs
Md A. 50 RTs
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