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Share-Tech™ Profit Sharing System (ST)
Executive Affiliate (EA)
Executive Pack (E-Pack)
Personally Sponsored Affiliate (PSA)
Co-Sponsored Affiliate (CSA)
PSA Bonus (PSAB)
CSA Bonus (CSAB)
Dev Bank Bonus (DBB)

One of the reasons why SFI has become one of the largest and most successful affiliate programs in the world is because SFI generously shares its profits with its affiliates!

Meet the Share-Tech™ Profit Sharing System, the world's first fully dynamic and growth-flow optimized affiliate profit sharing system—designed and developed at SFI, exclusively for SFI affiliates.

Here's how Share-Tech™ works:

Upon registering as an SFI affiliate, you'll automatically be placed in the Share-Tech "matrix," where you can become eligible to share in SFI's companywide sales. The guaranteed minimum monthly earnings amount is $1, but it can be much more—because Share-Tech™ utilizes powerful components designed to multiply the persons in your network and your associated earnings. Learn more HERE.

To qualify for Share-Tech™ profit shares, simply upgrade to Executive Affiliate (EA) with a sale or purchase of just one $19.95 E-Pack...and that's it! That's all you have to do to start building a full-time income with SFI!

NOTE: Not only is our E-Pack nominally priced at just $19.95, it also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee of satisfaction, so there's zero risk! Learn more about the E-Pack and all the amazing goodies included HERE.

SFI has a stellar retail program for its affiliates. For every E-Pack you sell to your Personally Referred Member (PRM), you'll instantly earn $5 ($60 annually for subscriptions), with the remaining CV (Commission Volume) set aside for profit sharing. For all other products, you'll automatically earn 80% of the total CV available. The other 20% goes into the Share-Tech™ profit sharing pool. In other words, you'll be earning an equal share of 20% of all non-E-Pack retail sales companywide! PLUS...you can also earn Rewardical Matches on all your PRMs! NOTE: You must be an EA to participate in SFI's profit sharing program and earn Rewardical Matches.

When you personally refer another person to SFI, they become your PSA (Personally Sponsored Affiliate) and you automatically bank up to $40.78. When that person advances to EA or above, you unlock that Dev Bank Bonus (DBB) and ALSO start earning $1-$15 every month they retain their EA status! PLUS...you’ll also earn Rewardical Token Matches on all your PSAs. There is no limit to how many PSA Bonuses and Matches you can collect each month. And that’s IN ADDITION to your earned profit shares! NOTE: You must be an EA to earn PSA Bonuses and earn Rewardical Matches.

Want to grow your earnings even further? You can also "co-sponsor" affiliates that you did not refer to SFI. That's right! SFI's compensation plan even lets you earn income on affiliates you did not directly bring in to SFI! As a co-sponsor, you'll automatically earn $.25-$3.75 a month for every one of your co-sponsored affiliates (CSAs) who becomes an EA. You can also earn Rewardical Matches on all your CSAs! And there is no limit to how many CSA Bonuses and Matches you can earn each month—which is in ADDITION to all your other earnings! NOTE: You must be an EA to earn CSA Bonuses and earn Rewardical Matches.

Ready to "go EA?" Click HERE.

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One more thing...

Are you a GO-GETTER? SFI offers significant additional earnings opportunities for those who are willing to do the work to take their income to the elite level. For complete information, see the qualifications and benefits for the Silver Builder, Gold Builder, and Platinum Builder ranks HERE.

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